About Ekseption Chemical Peels

About Ekseption Chemical Peels

Ekseption is a brand that is built around the belief that significant skin health can be achieved safely. Their products are:

  • Cruelty-free, not tested on animals

  • Containing only ethically sourced raw material

  • Skin friendly (alcohol and preservative free peels)

Currently there are 13 different, beneficial chemical peels, with supporting skincare products that protect the skin and enhance results achieved through the chemical peel treatments.

Why are Ekseption peels different and more effective than standard peels?

When preparing the ekseption formulations to be used for chemical peeling, one important parameter that they considered was the acidity of the formulation itself and, usually, the electrochemical variable used to evaluate the acidity of an aqueous solution, which is the concentration of free protons (H3O+). In fact, in a standard aqueous solution of an acid, the concentration and mobility of the protons are at their peak. Due to this, when a standard aqueous solution is put in contact with the skin surface, the relationship between superficial trauma and effective chemoexfoliation is skewed towards irritation, with a consequent decrease in the re-modelling capacity as the acid penetrates too fast in the deeper skin layers. Until now, in order to reduce the surface trauma chemical peels solutions were partially buffered which increased their pH values. This meant that the concentration of free protons within the solution are reduced. By using this method, irritation is decreased, but proportionately chemoexfoliant efficiency is reduced.

Ekseption developed instead an innovative method to prepare products capable of achieving a more efficient and safer skin resurfacing. Through this innovative method, the acidity of the formulation is not only evaluated by measuring the concentration of free protons (pH), but also the mobility of these protons (conductivity), the speed with which these protons move in an aqueous system. When the electrical conductivity of the peeling is reduced, it slows down protons mobility. This results in a uniform absorption of the acid and an activation in situ of the protons in the skin when the acid is absorbed. This is achieved by adding transdermal carriers to the solution that reduce the conductivity and the mobility of the protons and it does not reduce their concentration.

Ekseption believe that the intensity of surface trauma to the skin is not proportional to the peels ability to renew the epidermis (first layer of skin) and to remodel the dermis (second layer where collagen, elastin, blood vessels etc are found). In other words suffering itching, burning, excess redness, dryness, and flaking skin from a chemical peel does not necessarily make that chemical peel treatment more effective and provide a better result. For a long time we have associated chemical peels with all of the above side effects, however now it is possible to have a chemical peel treatment that is comfortable, with little to no downtime.

How is virtually no downtime possible? 

Ekseption state of the art peels contain exclusive formulas that deliver maximum effect. They contain no alcohol or preservatives. A lower concentration of acid is used (higher pH) and proton mobility is reduced, this prevents the trauma usually associated with chemical peels and also provides a safe, and more even result. The majority of ekseption peels contain a new generation of acids called polyhydroxy acids (PHA's) these acids are much kinder to the skin. AHA's & BHA's are found in ekseption peels, however they are generally combined with PHA's to prevent irritation. The other important factor in preventing downtime post peel is ekseption resurfacing skincare. It has been designed to prepare the skin pre-peel, and to protect, repair and improve skin remodeling post-peel. Ekseption always recommends that the home care protocols are followed to achieve maximum results. After-all the whole concept of ekseption is to keep the skin in optimal condition and to prevent downtime, as this can have a negative effect on the end result of the treatment. By combining the skincare with in clinic chemical peel treatments you guarantee to achieve maximum benefits. When using the home care products, most often only a little rough skin is experienced. We recommend Caviar Peel or Skin Polish to counteract this. You can also incorporate the Caviar liquid mask to nourish and increase skin hydration.