Ekseption Benefits!

Ekseption Benefits!

- 13 skin friendly peels (alcohol & preservative free) to treat a wide selection of conditions.

- First brand to launch alcohol free salicylic and Mandelic peels. 

- First brand to introduce peptide peels.

- Ekseption peels are free from alcohol which provides maximum comfort at the point of application, reducing skin irritation, a slow dry and a gradual skin penetration.

- Ekseption peels do not contain preservatives, ammonium hydroxide, tromethamine or other harmful buffers. 

- The pH in the peels is stabilised with sodium lactate, a component of the natural moisturising factor with keratolytic functions. This makes them extremely safe and more effective.

- Cruelty-free.

- Not tested on animals.

- Ethically sourced raw material.

- All products except the Caviar line are vegan friendly.

- Little, to no downtime. Ekseption peels are extremely comfortable and safe.

- DMKS delivery technology, reducing proton communication and mobility which prevents irritation, itching, burning and downtime. It delivers the peels evenly into the skin.

- Short peel courses, treatments are performed weekly unlike conventional peels due to our advanced unique formulations & technology.

- 4 additional mini peel treatments for anyone not wanting a full chemical peel.

- High quality resurfacing skincare with unique textures.

- High performance personalised serums – New for 2021!

- Attractive professional & retail pricing.

Sustainable Beauty – We care about the environment!

- Ekseption uses PET plastic.

- This year saw the successful introduction of products in new style packaging which reduced plastic waste by 70% of those lines.

- Through successful adaptions to the range the manufacturer has reduced plastic waste by 25% in 2 years.

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