Keeping it natural, that is our philosophy!

Keeping it natural, that is our philosophy!

All year through it is important to wear a sunscreen to protect the skin so why not make it as natural as possible? Well that is exactly what the chemists at ekseption thought!

Encouraging your clients to use a product that contains the most powerful natural sunscreen is not as hard as you think!

The strongest UVA absorbing compounds in nature are the mycosporine such as amino acids (MMAs). These are substances found in a number of lower organisms such as algae, corals and marine invertebrates. Corals that live in clear shallow water, a UV-intense environment, are found to produce 13 different MMAs.

Their filter capacity is similar to synthetic UV-A sunscreens, but they additionally protect the skin from photo-ageing, and this is done by neutralising free radicals.

Ekseption all-day shield incorporates this unique natural UV filter which works in synergy with ferulic acid and vitamin E, combined to make a very light protection cream (spf50+) that nourishes the skin and will not sting the eyes. All day shield is suitable for even sensitive skin types and is popular with anyone who likes to participate in outdoor activities such as sport, running, biking etc, due to its added protection of not causing irritation if it comes in contact with the eyes.

We apply all day shield at the end of each chemical peel treatment after a layer of repair cream super nourishes the skin. Try all day shield, we know you will be impressed, and your clients will too.