Oxynergy Paris

Koreesa Group official UK distributor of Oxynergy Paris

Oxynergy Paris is a new generation of cosmeceutical skincare that respects and meets perfectly each person's skin type and condition. 

The future of skincare is based on science with immediate and long lasting results. Oxynergy Paris unique formulas target specific skin concerns and two essential processes of life: the Krebs Cycle and the Stem Cells. Everlasting cellular energy starts here! 

Tested by doctors and dermatologists, Oxynergy Paris and can be found in specialist clinics, beauty salons and chemists and is available in more than 45 countries worldwide.

Interested in becoming a stockist? Contact our team at salesnsupport@koreesa.com for further information on this sophisticated, fashionable, clinical skincare range.

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Power Infuse Technology
leaflet - Oxynergy Paris x 20
Gift Vouchers - Oxynergy Paris x 25
Power Infuse Up Gravity Serum
PI Up Gravity Serum 50ML
Over night Peel
EV Overnight Peel 50ML
10% OFF
My Cream Rich
PI MY Cream Rich 40ml
MY Cream
PI MY Cream 40ml
Power Infuse White Renew Serum
PI White Renew Serum 50ML
10% OFF
Power Infuse 10 Vitamins
PI 10 Vitamins Serum 50ML
PI ACE + Anti-oxidant Serum 50ML
Power Infuse Beautify Oil Serum
PI Beautify Oil Serum 50ML
Deep Repair Serum
PI Deep Repair Serum 50ML
Everlasting Serum
PI Everlasting Serum 50ML
Power Infuse Filler Serum
PI Filler Serum 50ML
Power Infuse Freeze Serum
PI Freeze Serum 50ML
Power infuse Hyaluronic Acid Serum
PI Hyaluronic Acid Serum 50ML
10% OFF
Power Infuse Skin Harmony serum
PI Skin Harmony Serum 50ML
MY SERUM (empty bottle)
A1 & A3 POSTER 2017 Autumn Leaves Oxynergy
A4 Strut Card - Power Infuse Tech
Everlasting cream prof
EV Cream (100ml prof)