power infuse (my)

Introducing the Power Infuse PERSONALISED SKINCARE range!

Containing 11 beauty serums for personalised treatments that can be blended into the MY base creams (MY & MY RICH) to make high quality personalised moisturisers. The consistency of the MY face creams depends on the particular serums and doses that are mixed into the base, and the base that is chosen. 

A MY CREAM chart is available for guidance on making personalised face creams. 

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MY SERUM (empty bottle)
MY Cream
PI MY Cream 40ml
My Cream Rich
PI MY Cream Rich 40ml
25% OFF
My Cream
PI MY Cream (100ml prof)
My cream rich
PI MY Cream Rich (100ml prof)
Power Infuse Skin Harmony serum
PI Skin Harmony Serum 50ML
Deep Repair Serum
PI Deep Repair Serum 50ML
Power Infuse Beautify Oil Serum
PI Beautify Oil Serum 50ML
Power Infuse White Renew Serum
PI White Renew Serum 50ML
Power Infuse Up Gravity Serum
PI Up Gravity Serum 50ML
Everlasting Serum
PI Everlasting Serum 50ML
Power Infuse Freeze Serum
PI Freeze Serum 50ML
Power Infuse Filler Serum
PI Filler Serum 50ML
Power infuse Hyaluronic Acid Serum
PI Hyaluronic Acid Serum 50ML
PI ACE + Anti-oxidant Serum 50ML
Power Infuse 10 Vitamins
PI 10 Vitamins Serum 50ML