Organic Peels

Please note the % of each peel prior to purchasing. Each bottle of peel is enough to cover 10-14 treatments. 

Please include soft touch peel for patch tests, skin tolerance and for sensitive skin types. See some start-up options here.

Please call: 0151 3059882 or email: if you have any questions, or would like access to the educational material and protocols after you have made your purchase. 

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SOFT TOUCH PEEL (13%) 70ml
Caviar Peptide Peel
Caviar Peptide peel (16%) 70 ml
Post Peel
KS Post Peel Mask 48pcs
10% OFF
age less+ peptide peel (29%) 70 ml
Couperix Peel
Couperix Peptide peel (11%) 70 ml
10% OFF
Ferulic Peptide Peel
ferulic acid peptide peel (19%) 70 ml
10% OFF
Retin Oil 70ml
Retin-oil peel (6%) 70 ml
pure skin peel (27%) 70 ml
Degreasing solution
degreasing solution 400ml
carboxy neutraliser 400ml
white up + peel
white up+ peptide peel (29%) 70 ml
hyaluronic carboxy neutraliser 400ml