Mesotherapy - bring your skin back to life!

Mesotherapy - bring your skin back to life!

Every day we drink fluid and feed our body with food as we know that we have to do this for our body to function and to survive. Sometimes our skin, which is the largest organ in body shows us signs that it is in need of more nutrition and hydration. We don't always recognise these signs immediately.

Factors that play a part in skin damage and ageing, such as: pollution, sun damage, smoking, alcohol, and food that isn't nutrient dense, cause havoc on our skin. Long term damage to our skin can cause an imbalance which can lead to a number of different skin conditions. Mesotherapy is an excellent method of feeding the skin in both the superficial and deeper layers, providing energy and nutrition where it is needed.

Mesotherapy is a much loved treatment by models, catwalk models and celebrities, also known as the red carpet treatment, many celebrities still depend on this treatment to get them "Red Carpet Ready", and models swear by the treatment to prevent breakouts and other skin issues, caused by harsh lighting. However, in recent years Mesotherapy has been featured in many articles and magazines and has become mainstream, no longer a hidden secret. Everyone can benefit from Mesotherapy as it treats many skin conditions.

Fusion Meso Skin Bio-nutrition

The XFC formula is a skin booster with more than 63 essential nutrients, with the F-XFC+ formula also incorporating growth factors and hyaluronic acid for an aged skin that requires nutrition.

The main functions of the XFC formulas are to provide metabolites to the cells to stimulate their metabolism (production of energy, proteins and cellular growth). To improve cell communication, speed up normal functions, to repair damage, and to provide skin volume and moisture. These exclusive blends contains all the nutrients and molecules needed to repair the skin. These nutrients are essentials for the production of energy (ATP) and boost the skins natural functions.